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Sash cord & weight - classics in elegant design

blog | 03.01.2022

The sash cord & weight system is a traditional, still very popular mechanism used to open and close sash windows. Its modern alternative is the spring system (sash springs, sash balance) but for those who don't want to break with the classic style, live in historic buildings, or simply don't want to spend more money, sash cord & weight will still be a very good solution.

How do sash windows work in a sash cord & weight system?

The weight system - a mechanism invented in the Victorian era still perfectly fulfils its functions today. Nowadays, the system has been equipped with new generation components of high quality, which guarantees the whole mechanism additional functionality for many years.

See how sash windows work in a weight system:

Sash window sashes in the weight system slide up and down in relation to each other on the principle of counterbalance. A 6 mm thick nylon string terminated with weights on both sides smoothly slides on a roller fitted with a ball bearing, thus keeping the sliding sash in position at any height. The weights are available in different sizes and are individually adjusted to the window size. The entire mechanism is hidden in the wooden frame on both sides of the window, and access to it is possible through special pockets mounted in the window.

sash_windows_london_suburbSash windows in one of the townhouses in a London suburb

Elegant sash windows

Sash windows are timeless elegance no matter what opening system they are equipped with. If you're a history lover, love vintage windows and care about maintaining their originality, sash cord & weight windows are definitely what you're looking for. However, if you are looking for a bit of modernity, make sure you check out sash springs system.

Wondering how sash springs windows work? Be sure to read:

  Sash springs – light, modern and functional

Regardless of the opening system used, wooden sash windows add a unique, cozy character and increase the aesthetic value of any room. But that's not all. Important accents are also tasteful accessories in the form of locks, handles and movement limiters in the classic colors of brass and gold or modern colors of satin chrome and white.


Tasteful locks on sash windows

See our full range of sash window accessories:

  Sash window accessories

English wooden sash windows are making a great statement today. Trends change quickly, and the classics always remain in vogue.

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