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What is happening in the window joinery market?Summary of the first half of 2021

blog | 01.09.2021

How did the first half of 2021 look on the window joinery market?

In 2020, Poland was the only European exporter of windows and doors that recorded increases (see our article for details: Windows from Poland. Why it is worth importing windows and doors from Poland), the first half of 2021 predicts that Polish joinery is still valued and often chosen by investors in Europe and beyond.

Polish windows and doors

Polish manufacturers in recent years have developed a strong position on the global joinery market, not only in terms of competitive prices, but above all thanks to modern technologies, advanced investments and products of the highest quality. Customers buying in Poland also take into account professional service and comprehensive technical support. They value the fact that they can find a full understanding of their needs and an individual approach: „The sellers are very friendly and professional. Very fast and well delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend.” –  these are the words of a customer from France describing cooperation with Aikon Distribution.
Our company focuses not only on providing a product customised to the requirements of a given market, but also on the way in which this product is offered. So not only WHAT we SELL, but first of all HOW we SELL – that is the key to success.

Window joinery market in 2021

Despite the pandemic and problems with the availability of raw materials on global markets (more information below), the joinery industry is performing well. Governments of many countries and the European Union have launched a number of programmes to support and stimulate the development of the global economy, including the construction industry and environmental protection (e.g. the EU Green Deal). Such actions have stimulated demand for construction materials, resulting in increased sales of joinery and the visible activity of companies in the sector to invest in new production facilities and technologies.

Prices of raw materials in the world

The recent period has been a time of dynamic changes on the world market for raw materials used in window production. The prices of almost all components have risen: Glass, metal, PVC granulate or timber, but also energy and fuel.
However, prices are not the only problem, there is also concern about the quantities of these raw materials available on the market. Suppliers are reporting shortages of steel, foil, cardboard or woodlike materials. These elements are needed not only for window production, but also for their safe transport and storage.

Raw materials for window productionRaw materials for window production

This situation requires flexibility and speed in making decisions related to the portfolio of products offered, as well as in managing logistics and delivery schedules. Aikon Distribution has built up very good business relations thanks to many years of cooperation with the largest Polish manufacturers of joinery.  This in turn results in the optimisation of our internal processes in such a way that our customers suffer as little inconvenience as possible. See how we work:

Perspectives for the joinery market in the nearest future

The global joinery industry has had a period of paradoxical turbulence and turnarounds. Rising demand for building materials and a temporary lack of raw materials for their production has caused prices to rise but has not reduced the level of joinery sales. As far as Polish windows and doors are concerned, the level of exports is still very good, and this means that Polish companies are responding very well to the current situation and are coping well in such circumstances.  European and local projects, which will soon enter the implementation period, may further accelerate growth trends in the construction industry.

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