decorative panels for exterior doors

Overview of decorative panels for exterior doors

blog | 25.04.2018

External door has to be practical in the first place. Its purpose is to make the house safe against burglars and to limit heat loss to a minimum. This does not mean, however, that they should not be aesthetically appealing. The appearance of a door should perfectly match the architecture of the building, and should even emphasise its style. Decorative panels are particularly suitable for this purpose. Take a look at our guide and find out about most interesting options for decorative panels.

PVC/ALU decorative panels

These days, panels made of these materials are is the most popular and recommended solution. PVC/ALU panels combine outstanding strength with a wide range of decorative options. With this, almost everyone can find a panel that matches architecture of the building. It is also an excellent way to distinguish a house from those of the neighbours.

pvc/alu panels

PVC/ALU panels

Naturally, the choice between a PVC panel and an ALU panel depends on the preferences of a customer. Aluminium is much more suitable for modern buildings with simple design. PVC can provide a door with a wood-like appearance, which makes it an excellent choice for house with a traditional architectural design.


PVC panels can be painted in any RAL colour. The safest choice is a colour that matches that of the windows – particularly if the windows are in the same facade as the door.

Differences between ALU and PVC

As the name suggests, ALU decorative panels are made of aluminium sheet with a thickness of 2 mm. 

Between the sheets there is a 20 mm thick polyurethane foam layer. Standard panel sizes are up to 1000x2000x24/36mm. Thus, the decoration matches most common door types.

The maximum available dimensions of PVC panels are 900x2100mm. Standard panel thickness is 24 mm, and can be increased up to 48 mm. A panel consists of an inner layer made of ABS plastic and a 2 mm thick outer layer made of PMMA.


A decorative panel can be an effective insulation of the door.

A PVC panel can also be reinforced with so-called “D core” comprising a two-layer board made by coextrusion of ABS and PMMA. This increases the panel's thermal resistance. This solution is recommended if the purpose of a panel is to provide the door with a wood-like appearance.

Give your door a unique style

The possibility to choose a solution that will perfectly match both the style of the building and the preferences of the owner is a great advantage of decorative panels.
Decorative panels include not only linings, but also ornamental glass, stained glass, as well and accessories, such as a letterbox. It is thus extremely easy to implement even most sophisticated designs which suits individual expectations of the customer.

Aikon Distribution BESTSELLERS

We have a wide range of door panels available in both PVC or ALU versions so that you are free to choose the right model and match it to any building. A wide range of combinations of decorative surfaces, matching colours, finishing accessories, and decorated glass will satisfy even the most individual preferences.

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