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How to assembly sectional garage doors?

blog | 11.07.2022

Sectional garage doors are a comfortable, visually attractive and durable solution. Their design thus ensures maximum space both inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors have a flexible seal which is resistant to external conditions. They can be mounted in virtually any garage opening and provide a wider passage than, for example, up-and-over garage doors. How do you install a sectional garage door so that it carries out all its functions? We take a closer look.

Please note that the following text is not a specific instruction on how to install a sectional garage doors, but only a hint and tip to help you install it.


Sectional garage doors assembly

As we mentioned earlier, the assembly of a garage door, but also of an electric drive or control device, can only be carried out by a professional and qualified expert. Preferably one who specialises in automation and mechanical devices designed for residential installation. In accordance with the regulations of the country in which the garage door will be used, of course.

Still, it is advisable to read the installation instructions as well as the operating and maintenance instructions for the door and, of course, follow their recommendations.

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Preparation for the installation of a sectional garage doors

The premises to be used for the installation of the garage doors should be completely finished. What does this mean? The walls should be plastered, there should be no defects in workmanship and the floor should also be ready. It is not possible to install the door in a space where finishing work such as plastering, drywall, sanding or even painting will still be done. The room should be dry and free from chemicals that are harmful to the paint finish. Both the side walls, the front wall and the lintel of the door opening must be vertical and perpendicular to the floor. The floor should be leveled and made to ensure free drainage. There must also be adequate ventilation (drying) of the garage. The space required for installation must also be free of all types of pipes and wires.

Importantly, the assembly of the sectional garage door should take place at a temperature of not less than 5°C, and the structure should be protected from possible atmospheric agents such as rain or snow, but also construction dust and all kinds of building mortar.

Sectional garage doors by Wiśniowski

Sectional garage doors assembly

Before installing the garage doors the following should be done:

  1. check that the wall type allows for proper installation (the doors can be mounted on reinforced concrete, brick or steel frame walls),
  2. check the dimensions of the installation opening and the room in which the door will be fitted,
  3. check that the doors and their components are suitable for use. All the materials and components of the garage doors should be intact and suitable for use.

The correct operation of the garage doors is largely dependent on correct installation, only correct assembly and maintenance carried out in accordance with the instructions can ensure safe and correct operation.

Assembling the garage door drive

Before installing a garage door drive, ensure that the door to which the drive will be fitted is correctly installed and adjusted, can be opened and closed easily.

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The garage ceiling to which the drive is fitted must guarantee safe installation. If the ceiling is too light or too high, the drive must be fitted to a support structure made to suit the conditions inside the room.

See detailed assembly manual for sectional garage doors:


Sectional garage doors by Wiśniowski in various colours and designs

Incorrect fitting of sectional garage doors

The possibility of errors being made during the installation of the garage door is a risk that can easily be avoided. It is sufficient to pay close attention to ensure that:

  1. the rails are correctly installed according to the data given in the instructions,
  2. the door panel is perfectly aligned when closed, the panels must not show any distortion - any misalignment of panels in relation to each other must be corrected,
  3. the door and its components have been adjusted in accordance with the instructions,
  4. all door components are securely screwed together
  5. the accessories are working properly.

After installation, the protective film, which is placed on each door to protect it from scratches e.g. during transport, should be removed immediately. The reason? Failure to do so will result in the film sticking very firmly to the structure under the heat of the sun rays. This will make it impossible to peel the film off and may damage the structure's varnish coating.

Incorrect installation can cause difficulties in the proper functioning of the door or even damage to it.

A properly installed garage door will last for many years. Not only will it protect the room against weather conditions or possible theft, but it will also decorate the building. However, it is important to remember to maintain it properly and systematically.

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