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ALU windows vs ecology

blog | 02.06.2022

Windows are usually a purchase for many years. Choosing windows with appropriate parameters would be the right decision from the ecological point of view. Such windows will provide high level of performance for several decades and will have good influence on the environment. They will not need to go through the recycling process often.

Aluminium - an environmentally friendly raw material

Aluminium is the third element in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. It is therefore a metal with unlimited resources in the form of raw material. Aluminium production mainly uses bauxite, which is a sedimentary rock. The ores are mined in open-pit mines, which after a period of 5 to 10 years are filled in, reforested and colonised by animals. Around four kilograms of bauxite are needed to produce one kilogram of aluminium. However, aluminium is a material that can be completely recycled and turned into a new of product. What's more, the recycling of aluminium components compared to the production of aluminium from bauxite reduces air pollution by up to 95% and water pollution by 97%. Over its life cycle, aluminium can be used to make products virtually indefinitely and its unique properties remain unchanged in any way. The use of aluminium scrap reduces the consumption of natural resources, i.e. iron ore, coal and calcium, by nearly 90%, and of water by 40%.

Aluminium windows and ecology

When choosing relevant building solutions and technologies for our homes, we attach more and more importance to ecology. This comes not only from legal regulations, but also from the growing awareness of the society. Although it would seem that only timber windows can be considered ecological, aluminium windows will satisfy all those investing in environmentally-friendly materials.

Aluminium is a strong and corrosion-resistant raw material. As we mentioned earlier, it can be easily recycled using only part of the energy consumed in the production of the original metal. Not many people realise that as much as 75% of all produced aluminium has been in use since its very first production. Therefore, if we are looking for a safe and reliable solution, which combines designer finish and care for the environment, windows made of aluminium are one of the best choices.

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Ecological windows, which means?

Aluminium windows = ecological windows

Why can we say that aluminium windows are ecological? Apart from the properties of the raw material, mainly due to their phenomenal thermal insulation. Modern windows made of aluminium significantly minimises the loss of thermal energy, which not only allows you to save money, but above all enables you to take care of the natural environment.

Aluminium windows are used in passive houses that make efficient use of natural light. Typically, the south side of a passive buildings are designed to have large glazing installed meaning more daylight accumulation. Combining it with excellent thermal insulation of aluminium windows will mean minimum heat loss.

Large glazing on south side means more daylight inside the building

Ecological windows are energy-efficient windows

One might be tempted to say that truly ecological windows are not windows made of a particular material, but energy-efficient windows. The more energy-efficient a house is, the less raw materials and energy have to be used for heating. This makes the house more environmentally friendly in the long run and saves money on bills. The costs incurred for energy efficient solutions, both in terms of insulation and joinery, are therefore an investment in the future.

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Aluminium is definitely a material of the future with all its properties and environmental advantages. Using aluminium to manufacture their products windows and doors industry will not only be efficient in terms of their product range but will also help preventing negative effects of the industrialisation of the environment.

Are you interested in buying aluminium windows? Contact our sales representative who will help you choose the right windows for your project.


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