colors of pine wood windows
colors of oak wood windows
colors of meranti wood windows
colors of pine wood windows



Botanical name: Pinus sylvestris, family PINACEAE
Distribution: Europe (up to Asia Minor and northwestern Siberia)
Other important trade names: Kiefer, Föhre, Nordische Kiefer, Scots pine, redwood (GB), pin commun (FR); pino silvestre (IT, SP)
The abbreviation in accordance with DIN EN 13556: PNSY


Botanical name: Shorea spp., Section Rubroshorea, family Dipterocarpaceae
Distribution: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indo-Malaysia
Other important trade names: Dark red meranti, Seraya, lauan (D), kawang, Seraya, bunga, Red Seraya, obar suluk (MAL.SAB.)
The abbreviation in accordance with DIN EN 13556: SHDR 


Botanical name:  Quercus (in) spp., family FAGACEAE
Distribution:  Europe, around the Mediterranean, moderate parts of Asia, North America
Other important trade names: European oak (GB), European white oak (USA), Stieleiche, Sommereiche, Traubeneiche, Wintereiche, Spessarteiche (D)
The abbreviation in accordance with DIN EN 13556: QCXE = Q. petrea, Q. robur; QCXA = Q. alba and other white oaks from North America

For all species, the following colors are available:

  1. Old pine
  2. Pine
  3. Golden oak
  4. Cypress
  5. Sipo
  6. Oak
  7. Sapelii
  8. Cherry
  9. Nut
  10. Afromosia
  11. IPE
  12. Ebony
  13. RAL
The specific gravity of wood immediately after cutting down [kg / m3] 750–820–850 800–1000 650-1000-1160
The bulk density after natural drying (12-15% u) [g / cm3] 0.51–0.55 0.54-0.76 (-0.87) 0.65-0.76
Durability (kJ/m2) 14 - 23 49 – 69 50 - 75
Natural durability (DIN-EN 350-2) Category 3 - 4 Category 2 - 3 (-4) Category 2 (-3)

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